How to get your ex girl back

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Published: 20th September 2012
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It is a far too common occurrence that relationships break up and then at least one half of the couple wants to get the other half back. When a boy loses their girlfriend at first sometimes they can feel as if that was the best thing and quite often enjoy the freedom they have for a little while. However a lot of the time it wonít take long before they start to want to get back together with their ex-girlfriend.

There are a number of things which can start up the feelings again which make the boy want to get the girl back. One of these things is the fact that they may start to get lonely. If the couple was together for a long time then suddenly not seeing each other all the time could start to make them feel sad and lonely. Another reason is that if the couple broke up during a fight or similar situation then once the feelings of anger have died down often the feelings of love come rushing back. Once this happens the boy often will want to get back together with the girl but they need to know how to do this because it isnít always very simple.

Sometimes it can be as easy as getting back in touch with her and hoping that she has been having similar feelings towards him and wants to get back with him too and then the job is done. However other times the girl might have started to move on and in some cases already have someone new by the time the boy realises what they want. If this happens and you still want to get her back then you need to remind her of how great you were together as a couple.

One of the best and most clever ways of doing this is by making the feelings that they had for you while in the relationship spark up again without them knowing you are doing it. This can be achieved if you are still in touch with the girl and works best if you still see them in person. Lots of couples have special things which they only do with each other, like go to a certain place regularly, or listen to a certain song or even things as simple as share an inside joke with each other. A good way for the boy to win their ex back is by doing the same things that you did while you were together, so listen to the same music, watch the same television shows together, go to the same places and laugh about the same things because this will make the girl remember the feelings she had for you when you were doing these things before.

Another and far simpler way to get your girlfriend back is by simply showing her you still care about her. You could send her flowers from you, possibly with a note attached to say how sorry you are if you caused the break-up or to say how much you still want to be with her. Many girls appreciate it when the boy is prepared to put in the effort for them so just by doing things like this it will make her feel special and may well make her feelings for you rekindle. You could also take her ot for a meal at her favourite restaurant or take her to see her favourite film at the cinema together. All these kind of things are good ways to show her that you care about her and also how well you know her.

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