Things to say to get your ex boyfriend back

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Published: 20th September 2012
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Relationships are very fragile things and they can often be very easy to break apart in the silliest of ways. Sometimes it takes months of arguing or fights before coups eventually decide to chuck I the towel and accept that they are not right together.

However other times one big argument is enough to split them up and these arguments can often start from very stupid things such as one of the people forgetting a very minor thing or disagreeing over an insignificant opinion. When these more instant break ups happen it is a very common occurrence for one of the people to want to get the other back.

When the girl realises she wants to get back together with her ex boyfriend then there are some things which she should say to him in order for this to happen.

The first thing that the girl has to know is that despite the fact that boys like to act all confident and cocky, secretly they are just as shy and insecure as most girls are. They want to feel as wanted as the girl does when in a relationship.

Therefore, to get your boyfriend back you have to show him that you care about him and still want to be with him. Although girls often like romantic gestures, boys are less keen on these normally (although that isn’t to say that many wouldn’t appreciate them), but as a general rule the easiest way to show a boy that you care about him is simply to tell him.

When trying to get them back you need to tell them firstly that you are sorry for what happened during the breakup, especially if it was your fault. But in these cases there is almost always fault on both sides so you should then expect him to say sorry back, although he may be stubborn and take some work before he will apologise! You then need to tell him that you still love him and want to try again.

When a girl pours their heart out to a boy they find it almost impossible to not start to have feelings for them again and then when they hear that you want them back they should hopefully fee the same way and want to get back together with you too.

Sometimes there are more awkward conversations which have to be had to sort out the arguments or fights which may have caused the breakups. If they were just plain stupid then often you can end up laughing them off together and say no more about it.

However if they were over something more serious it is best to try and resolve these issues before you get back together otherwise the same thing could just happen again. For example a couple who broke up over an argument which start because they couldn’t agree which film to go and see is very easily fixed.

However if an argument started over whether one of the people wants to get married and have children and the other doesn’t, then this needs to be talked about prior to getting back together. There is no point entering into a relationship that is doomed to fail from the start.

If the boy’s feelings for you still haven’t returned after this then sometimes there may be a chance that it just isn’t going to work again. However other times persistence is needed. They often need to be given time before they realise that they miss you so just keep talking to them and telling them you still want them and hopefully in time they will feel the same about you.

I hope that above described tips have helped you a lot to get your ex boyfriend back. And please keep persistence because this is the keep to get what you want from life.

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